¡Me presento!

¡Hola a todos!

Yo me llamo Giada y ¿vosotros cómo os llamais? ( I am Giada and what are your names?)

Let me introduce myself to you, I am an Italian girl who is currently studying in Spain to practise Spanish. I decided to go on an Erasmus exchange because I love learning languages and being enriched by the local cultures. 

Pero ¿por qué estudias español? (why do you study spanish?)

¡Me encanta la cultura iberica! (i love the Iberic culture)

In general, I have always been in love with languages! However, I decided to focus on Spanish because, besides the fact that is one of the most spoken languages, I have always been attracted to its vibrant culture and its music.

Y vosotros, porqué estudiais español?

¿Dónde estudias?

Estudio en una pequeña universidad en Valencia (I am studying in small university in Valencia)

Valencia which is one of the major cities in Spain. It is located on the eastern costs of the iberic peninsula and it boasts amazing beaches and a charming architecture.

It is part of the Valencian community, one of the 17 independent communities that form Spain.

In the Valencian community, residents not only speak Castellano, but they also speak the local language which is Valenciano. 

Sunset over la Ciudad De Las Ciencias.
A street (calle) near the city center.

Valenciano differs a little from Spanish but to my surprise, it sounds very similar to Italian!

This post is a brief introduction about me, but I am curious to get to know you all as well!

I am very excited to share my experience in Valencia with you, I will write to you soon! 🙂

Una pequeña actividad para vosotros (a small activity for you)

In the comment section, introduce yourselves:

  1. ¿cómo te llamas?
  2. ¿por qué estudias español? 
  3. ¿Dónde estudias?

2 thoughts on “¡Me presento!

  1. Thanks Giada! This was very interesting to read and lovely to see pictures of Valencia. I was there a few years ago myself! The class are working on their answers to your questions and I will post their replies soon. I have a question for you – do you hear castellano or valenciano spoken more often? Have you learned any words in valenciano? Speak to you soon!


    1. I am glad you enjoyed it!
      With regard to Valenciano, unfortunately I do not hear it very often. In Valencia, people generally speak Castellano because it is a bigger and more diverse city. Normally, I get in contact with the local language through the signs and some advertisements around the city. Nonetheless, my Spanish friends have told me that this language is the norm in smaller cities 🙂


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